martes, 17 de abril de 2007

Crecer, luchar

Growing With Courage

I will set a new goal, could be a huge or small
But it will my own challenge.
I will follow through, rain or shine, tears or laughter,
Sorrow or joy, I will grow with a smile
And will not be intimidated, not frighten,
Nor I will be sunk by a self pity swamp
For I am taking responsibility for the well-being of my life
I know is not easy,
To embrace life with courage
The labour could be exhausting at times
But in exchange, I will not just be alive,
But I will have a life, and will be living it up.
Praising my self, I will not fear
As I stroll on the path, unknown
I am positive that I am not walking alone,
Because you are always near.
And your divine love strengthens my heart
Refreshes my soul with your faithful word
Belonging to heaven, bound to earth
I struggle daily, to keep on dreaming,
Even when the nights are darker then the night
Life itself, I will survive
Dieing, leaving, laughing and crying,
Breathing the blessing of my daily strive
This heart of mine is strong,
Because in God.s hand, I am holding on.
Lovingly He takes the lead,
Watches, comforts and encourages me to go on
Trusting, loving his hand I take,
In a willing, growing process,
I will stand tall,
With a child.s faith
And a woman.s heart.
Venture out my comfort zone,
I will walk an unknown path,
And with courage,
I will embrace the new growth in my life.
With love I will labour
The seeds of love, mercy and tenderness
Planted in my spirit and soul
Will bloom in do time,
I will reap the fruits of my trial,
Of satisfaction and self fulfilment.
In a great bouquet of roses
I will banquet sweet memories
Kindly and tenderly I will follow
Until my steps take me to the last mile
I will not hesitate, when I face my new goal
Still unheard by my heart, but like a bright star
Is being born in my soul.
Life is life and death is death,
I had set my feet, I have made up my mind
That I will not stop, until I get there.
I will grow naturally
Holding on to my precious life,
In God.s hand.

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